Computer viruses & spy ware have become quite a problem over the last few years, not only are they spreading through infected files but now spread through email attachments and even visiting some web sites can cause an infection. I can advise you on what type of software you require to stop your computer from being disrupted by the inconvenience  and annoyance of a virus loose on your pc. Computer viruses are often misunderstood, they are programs specifically designed to disrupt and play havoc with software installed on the computer and in extreme cases can cause hardware damage ( but this is very rare ). People often put computer crashes and lock ups down to virus's and this only goes to strengthen the paranoia and fear that these malicious pieces of code cause.
The biggest culprit for spreading viruses is you! with advice that I can give you and good computer practices on your part, we can prevent you from getting infected in the first place. The best way to avoid the threat of virus's is to not let them onto your computer and with the updates to your software that are freely available on the internet you can create an environment that makes it very difficult for the virus's to get on to your computer. If you do get a virus you will need some virus software to remove the problem and protect you in the future to stop the problem from recurring. I can help you to choose the software be it a commercial product or one of the free virus software packages that are available for your pc. I will show you how to use the software and more importantly how to update it so you will be protected against new virus's that are released on to the unsuspecting pc user. Spy ware can often mess up your web browser, hijacking the setting and changing for instance your start page or the search engine that you normally use. I can reset all your setting and remove the annoyance before it drives you insane.
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