When upgrading your computer you often find it very difficult to get impartial advice, the people you normally rely upon for the information are the very people that are trying to sell you that expensive piece of  hard ware or software you just cant live without. If you need help and advice about upgrades I am glad to lend you my Knowledge from graphics cards to memory upgrades I can show you any compatibility issues and how to fit the specific piece of hardware in to your pc.

More importantly I can advise you if you would be better off buying a new system. I often find with items such as processors, by the time you get your processor realize you need to upgrade your motherboard, memory and power supply it would have probably been cheaper and easier to just get a new tower. As I buy components for my own computers I keep up-to-date with all the latest offer's available on the web and this information often helps my clients save a lot of money instead of buying components from some of the high street stores and paying through the nose. It never ceases to amaze me how prices have tumbled in the last few years.
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