Is your head spinning? Are you getting frustrated with the technological marvel that is the personal computer. The man in the computer shop that sold you the pc said that it would change your life and was so easy to set up and use, even a child could do it . From my personal experience this could not be further from the truth. PC's are by their very nature over complicated and often confusing and with the lack of information readily available it is often very difficult to get advice and help when you need it.
If you have a task you want to perform on your computer but cannot work out how to do it,  why not give me a try. No matter what you want to do I will do my very best to teach you the particular skill you need to complete the task that you have set yourself. Often people are to afraid to ask for fear of looking stupid in front of people that are computer literate. I have a simple outlook on these misgivings ( if you have never been shown how why should you know how ! ). No matter what the problem is if you need someone to come to your home and show you, that's what I am here for.
Have you recently bought a computer? I can help you set it up and show you how to install printers and scanners and other peripherals. Show you how to make the most of your investment explaining the software that came on your computer and what it does or what it is there for. New PC's often come with a host of free software and it is my experience that  people often don't know what the software is for and end up going out and spending money unnecessarily when the software is already present on their system. You also find that you get a lot of time limited trial software this requires you to spend more money to use the full product when the trial expires ( virus software is a common culprit ) I can often show you an alternative product that is free.
When your computer is up and running I can show you how to customize your windows operating system personalising the look and the way it behaves. If you want me to I can even make it all run faster by turning down all the bells and whistles so older less powerful systems don't take five minutes to start. The list of things that can be tweaked are endless and often provide a much more pleasurable user experience. If you want to know how to download and edit the pictures you have taken on your digital camera I can show you. I can also give you guidance in how to alter the images remove red eye or make them smaller in file size so you can email them to family and friends and it not take hours to send them. Don't know how to write an email or make use of the address book and outlook express I would be glad to show you.
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