We all know that health checks are important believe it or not the same is true of the humble PC. Left to its own devices they can start to show their age and before you know it the computer just sit there and blinks its lights at you and refuses to start. The best course for protection is prevention. Its has become very important to update the operating system and software on your computer i.e. virus software, spyware software and security software. All of the above normally come with free updates so why not take advantage of them.
I can also check to see if  I can speed up your computer by removing software that you do not need that loads unnecessarily when you start up your computer. You would be surprised at how much speed can be gained by adjusting the way your computer starts up. If the worst happens and your computer will not start your operating system I can offer a life line to the people with newer operating systems and restore your computer to a state prior to the problem occurring. This negates having to re install the computer and losing all your data and software.

Backing up is a very important part of using your computer but most people don't do it or don't think about doing it until they have a systems failure and then its too late. I can show you how to backup your files, internet favourites, email addresses, music, photos and documents. So should the worst happen you wont lose those important files.

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